New Patients

Welcome to our new patient portal!

The forms you find in our New Patient Package provide us necessary patient history and information and are what we require new patients to fill out when they come to our office.

They are made available to you here in case you wish to print them and fill them out in advance.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Please click the link(s) above to print New Patient Forms

Current Patients

As a returning patient to the Good Heart, we welcome you to our new patient portal!

Coming Soon, you will be able to: Manage your medical records, view your medical

conditions, allergies, and medication list, securely communicate with our staff and your provider via e-messaging, and fill out forms online to save time before your next appointment.

We hope these new features make your patient experience with the Good Heart even better, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Fill Out Forms Online
Save time by filling out medical forms and answering questions before your appointment

Add Representatives and Manage Accounts
Connect your child’s account and manage their health record with yours

Secure Health E-Messaging with Your Doctor
Send and receive messages, images and test results from your doctor

View Your Medications & Allergies
View your entire list of medications, allergies and medical conditions

View Your Electronic Medical Records Online
Instantly access your medical records, lab results, and appointment summaries

Referring Providers

As a referring provider, we appreciate your confidence in referring your patients to us!

We would ask that you print and fill out the Referral Form PDF for the patient you are referring.  This completed form can either be faxed, or scanned and e-mailed to us at the Good Heart Corporation.

Clicking on Appointment Request will allow you to schedule a patient appointment online, final confirmation of which will be accomplished by our staff, once we verify that all necessary patient information has been received.

We at the Good Heart Corporation are committed to providing the highest quality of patient Cardiac Care, and we invite you to contact our staff if you have any questions or concerns.